Baroque chairs

Baroque chairs at Brocante La Biblotine

Discover the splendour and drama of the 17th century with our unique collection of Baroque chairs. These masterpieces, inspired by the extravagance of the Baroque period, are the perfect blend of art and function.

What is a baroque chair?

The Baroque style, which began in Italy in the 17th century, is known for its opulence, complex shapes and meticulous attention to detail. Baroque chairs embody these characteristics with their exaggerated curves, elaborate gilding and luxurious fabrics.

Characteristics of baroque chairs:

1. Ornate sculptures Baroque chairs are often adorned with detailed carvings of leaves, putti or mythological motifs.

2. Gilding Gilding: Gilding is commonly used to highlight sculptures and give the chair an opulent appearance.

3. Sumptuous fabrics Velvet, brocade and damask, often in rich shades of purple, emerald or royal blue, adorn these chairs to add a sense of luxury.

4. Curved shapes In contrast to the rectilinear designs of earlier times, Baroque chairs have sinuous curves and exaggerated shapes.

Why choose a Baroque chair?

Opting for a baroque chair means choosing a piece of art in its own right. It can transform any space into a focal point, recalling the glamour and grandeur of a bygone era.

Our collection:

  • Baroque gilded chair
  • Baroque chair in carved wood
  • black baroque chair
  • White baroque chair
  • Baroque style chair
  • Modern transparent baroque chair

You can buy Baroque furniture in antique reproduction shops such as Htdeco, which sells quality Baroque chairs in carved solid wood.

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A number of museums display Baroque works, visit the site Hisour on art, culture and history.